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Romantic Getaway Ideas

Romantic Ideas and Dating Ideas

Just looking for romantic ideas to surprise your partner, spice up your love life, or make a first date memorable? Whether your relationship is well-established or brand new, a clever date can really spice up your love life. There are all kinds of romantic dating ideas for every budget. There are love letters to send, romantic poetry to share beneath the shade of a tree

Romantic Date Ideas

Romantic Dates:
1) Hang out at a cozy or charming cafe for a dessert and a drink.
2) Meet for a glass of wine at a wine bar in an interesting area before taking a stroll in the neighborhood.
3) If you've hung out a few times, invite your date over and make a gourmet pizza together.
4) Take a Salsa dance class, which is often cheap or free.
5) Rent a rowboat with your date on a sunny day.

Outdoor Dates:
1) Go on a bike ride or walk that includes a destination offering ice cream or a cold drink.
2) Shoot hoops, play frisbee, or rollerblade. Sports are great for competitive flirting!
3) If one or both of you have a dog, visit a dog park together.
4) Plan a picnic. Impress your date with a sophisticated sandwich and delightful bottle of wine. Bring a book of poetry and settle back together beneath the shade of a tree.
5) Go kite flying

Cultural Dates:
1) Check out your city's Indie bands. It's a great way to support local musicians and the cover is cheap.
2) Go see live comedy. Even if it stinks, you'll still laugh.
3) See an old film at a repertory movie house.
4) Attend a lecture or a workshop on a topic that you're both interested in learning more about.
5) Enjoy a gallery or museum together (many galleries even have pay what you can).

Adventurous Dates:
1) Play tourist in your city for a day. Buy a guidebook and discover interesting walking tours.
2) If you and your date enjoy photography, pack your cameras and go on a photography adventure together.
3) Dine at an affordable restaurant offering Eastern cuisine -- like Chinese or Indian -- and enjoy a cheaper and more exotic meal than your usual date fare.
4) Check out your local paper or the Internet for free events or festivals in your area.
5) Visit your city's famous landmarks that you probably take for granted or haven't seen since you were a little kid!

Authors of Romantic Poetry

Robert Browning

Emily Dickinson

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Thomas Wyatt

William Shakespeare


Romantic Phrases


Romantic Gift Ideas

Send a personalized love letter.

Make a "Mix Tape". In other words, burn a cd of your favorite music and music that expresses how you feel and give it to them. Remember to include a dedication to them in the liner notes.



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