Nevada Romantic Last Minute Getaways

Nevada Romantic Getaways
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Romantic Getaway Ideas

Nevada Last Minute Getaways

If you're coming to Nevada last minute, you'll undoubtedly end up in Vegas. The reasons are obvious. Vegas is alive and exciting 365 days a year. There is always a hotel room to be found. There are always restaurants open. There is always fun to be had. Away from Las Vegas, we recommend Reno and Carson City. Plain and simple. If you're coming to this sparcely populated area of Nevada, Reno and Carson City are the best opportunities you've got at finding good accommodations, fun, and romance. From both of these cities you can rent a car and head to Lake Tahoe, Lovelock Caves, or Stokes Castle. You'll most likely find last minute flights into Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO), and from here you'll find shutttle services that will caravan you up to the mountains and Lake Tahoe where there are world-class resorts and entertainment waiting for you.

Nevada's Bustling Cities

Las Vegas

Nevada's Western Towns

Spring Creek
Carson City
Silver Springs
Indian Springs



Last Minute Drive

Last Minute Nevada Travel Ideas

Head out to the open Nevada road for a scenic driving tour, all we recommend is a full tank of gas and an early start. Visit the communities of Reno, Spring Creek, Pahrump, and Henderson pick up an area map and ask a local about some of the best spots for a drive and a picnic. Let your adventurous spirit guide you. Fill up the gas tank, pack a bag, and see where the road takes you! Some of the most memorable romantic getaways are the ones involving the least planning. Setting out together without a specific destination can be adventurous and exciting. Just remember to keep safety in mind. Be sure and stop at Nevada winery, or visit Lamoilli Canyon, Beatty "The Gateway to Death Valley", or Hoover Dam for some extra fun. Nevada will provide the sites and fun. It's up to you to make your last minute getaway romantic.

Nevada Attractions

Stockman's Hotel & Casino
Lamoilli Canyon
Red Garter Hotel & Casino
Lake Tahoe
Lovelock Caves
Stokes Castle
The Las Vegas Strip
Ash Springs Rock Art Site
Hoover Dam
Death Valley National Monument
Beatty "The Gateway to Death Valley"
Hot Springs


For additional last minute Nevada romantic travel information contact the Nevada Commission on Tourism at 401 North Carson, Carson City, NV 89701 Telephone: 775-687-4322 or 800-NEVADA-8.

Last Minute Getaway in NV

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