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It seems that everyone is trying to find that one-of-a-kind romantic getaway. There are thousands of unique and romantic getaway opportunities in the US to help you create the perfect getaway. The diverse geography and culture of the 50 US states offers an incredible variety of destinations and activities. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway at a quite, secluded cabin in the Rocky Mountains or for a fast-paced weekend under the bright lights of New York City, Romantic Getaway Ideas can help you find what you are looking for. We can help you find the most interesting attractions, the best hotels, and the fun you are looking for to create the getaway that is right for you. When planning a romantic getaway for you and your special someone there are some basic questions you should ask yourself.

A romantic weekend getaway or vacation.

You will need to coordinated your schedules in order to make certain that you are both available for the specific dates and time of travel. Also remember to ask your partner about their travel preferences. Some people prefer to have a day or two to unwind following any vacation before returning to work. So talk to your partner about what they prefer.

Affordable and cheap romantic getaways.

Let's face it, vacations, of any kind, are a splurge. You need to decide just how much you can afford to spend for your romantic getaway. Nothing can put a damper on a romantic getaway like worrying about money or how much you're spending. If money is a real concern, avoid planning getaways where it's easy to overspend, like in retail-rich locations. Rather than a hotel with all it's temptations for extras, rent a cottage, cabin, or condo. The money saving bonus here is the chance to cut back on your meal spending by being able to grocery shop and cook in a kitchen. Things really tight? Go camping! Don't have a tent or supplies? You probably know someone who does and you can always ask to borrow them. Another good way to make sure that your romantic getaway stays affordable is to purchase tickets for your planned activities in advance. Advance ticket purchases for airfare, activities, shows, and concerts are often less expensive than when purchased last minute. However, often romantic travelers can find last minute deals to specific places. The catch being that you don't often have a wide range of choices for your destination. The more you make specific plans for your time while traveling the less likely you are to go over budget.

Special romantic destinations.

If there is a city or attraction that the two have you have always wanted to see consider planning your romantic getaway around it. Even if the activity doesn't seem particularly romantic, there are always ways to add romance to it! So even if your companion has always wanted to white water raft down a raging river, you can add some romance to the journey by arranging for a riverside picnic complete with tasty food and a little red wine. If you both cannot agree on an activity, try and find a destination that offers both of you that activities you desire while making sure that you can also have plenty of time spent together. The key in making any getaway a romantic one is togetherness. Even though you may find yourself participating in activities that aren't your cup of tea, think about how happy your companion is while they get the chance to explore something new. Be patient and give of yourself. By making the getaway romantic for them, you will make it romantic for yourself.

What modes of transportation suit you and your companion the best?

Do you or your partner get sea sick? If so, a cruise may not be such a great idea. There is nothing romantic about nausea! Are you or your partner afraid to fly? Perhaps there is a romantic alternative to air travel that would get you where you would like to go? Do long car rides make you car sick? Knowing the answers to these questions can avoid disastrous consequences during your romantic getaway. Remember, no matter what mode of transportation you choose there are always ways to make it romantic and special.

What time of year are you planning to travel?

The amount of fun and relaxation you can experience on your romantic getaway can be directly affected by adverse weather conditions. Fall and Spring are usually good times to travel but they can also be particularly rainy seasons with somewhat unpredictable weather. Depending on where you want to go, the particular season you travel in can greatly effect the costs of accommodations and transportation. To save money, always look into destinations in their off seasons, however remember to keep weather in mind!


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